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What Is Game On?

A 360 solution to gaming and esports in the MENA region.

Why Gaming In MENA Is So Powerful?

The games industry is now larger than the music industry and film industry combined, making gaming the most significant industry in entertainment. Now combine this with the fact that MENA is the fastest growing gaming market in the world. 

There is no bigger opportunity than gaming.

“The meet & greet we did was insane. We have those kind of numbers in the UK, but to have that in Dubai & to have over 700 people waiting to meet us is incredible.” 

Zerkaa - The Sidemen

“This has been one of the best events. The absolute best energy from any crowd I’ve ever met.”

FaZe Teeqo - FaZe Clan

The World's Biggest Influencers

We've collaborated with the biggest esports teams, gamers, and YouTubers with over 100 million followers between them.

The Biggest Gaming Events

In 2019, we brought the world-renowned Insomnia Gaming Festival to Dubai and Saudi Arabia which saw over 50,000 attendees, 24 esports tournaments, 6 million YouTube views, 70 million impressions & which reached over 8 million people.

The Largest Esports Tournaments

We held over 24 esports tournaments just in 2019 with prize pools amounting to over AED1/4 million. This is the biggest prize pool the region has ever seen!